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Cockatiel Pendant
  • Cockatiel Pendant

    Ready to make a statement like the recognisable parrots themselves, this Cockatiel pendant was inspired by the delightful orange-cheeked Australian native parrot. One of the smallest members of the Cockatoo family, the Cockatiel is recognised worldwide as a loving pet, cheeky talker and biting, feathered noise machine! While not local to my specific area, they are native to the state I live in, and I shared the companionship of a beautiful and often grumpy boy for upwards of 20 years.


    This four-piece pendant is simple and yet immediately recognisable. The brass body contrasts delightfully against the copper wings and cheek spot, and a tiny crest is alert and interested in everything going on around you! A small bail on the back of the pendant lets the charm sit higher than traditional pendants, which gives this tiny bird the appearance that they're simply perching on you for fun. I elected to leave the organic marks created while soldering around the cheek, as it not only adds contrast to the brass, but also colour, as these beautiful birds often come in their own entire palette! The pendant itself is seated on a leather cord necklace, with a simple lobster clasp at the back.


    All items on this store are hand made, and due to the nature of this, there may be minor deviations from the item pictured. While all care is taken with my work, minor changes like pattern placement are inevitable, especially between ring sizes. Small changes can also be present between items made in batches, often due to the nature of the materials used.


    Please make sure you check the jewellery care guide to get the most out of your item.

    • Details

      Materials: Brass, copper, leather, mixed metal clasp.

      Colour: Natural brass, natural copper, black, silver

      Chain:  25cm from clasp to pendant.

      Pendant: 4cm

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