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Fleur Pendant
  • Fleur Pendant

    One of the principals that I hold myself to in my creation process is to minimise and reduce waste wherever possible. I delight in bringing new life to items that are overlooked or would otherwise end up in landfill, adore searching through op-shops for pieces that can be transformed, and dismantling second-hand pieces.  Each piece has a story, a history of the hands it has passed through in order to get to me. My favourite target for this 'glow-up' transformation has been decorative and collectible spoons. Yes, the same spoons your Nanna has gathering dust on that wooden hanger, and the same ones you have buried under everything else in the cuterly drawer!


    Each transformation is different, as there are so many  designs! This particular pendant has been lovingly selected for the charming fleur-de-lis and almost heraldric design. A hand-cut brass plate has been mounted front and centre (and can be engraved at your leisure, though I can not provide that service presently) and rather than the traditional mirror finish, the brass plate has been given a fine brushed finish which results in a soft luminosity when it catches the light


    The pendant itself is a little over 4cm long. The chain and the pendant weigh 10.5 grams all up. The chain has likewise been given a new life, and measures 24cm long from clasp to pendant.


    Due to the nature of this piece, the metals are unknown, save for the additions I have personally made. All items on this store are hand made, and due to the nature of this, there may be minor deviations from the item pictured. While all care is taken with my work, minor changes like pattern placement are inevitable, especially between ring sizes. Small changes can also be present between items made in batches, often due to the nature of the materials used.

    • Details

      Materials: Mixed metals, Brass

      Colour: Natural brass, silver tone

      Chain:  24cm drop, from chain to pendant

      Pendant: 4cm

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