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Golden Orb Weaver Pendant
  • Golden Orb Weaver Pendant

    Orb weaving spiders are a common sight where I live on the Central Coast of NSW. During the warmer months, these fantastic engineers build canopies of spider webs arching from awning to branch, to trunk, with little care for the passage of us humans. Their webs can reach metres in length and stretch entire bushwalking paths, with hundreds gathering to mate. Sometimes their webs are even strong enough to trap birds or microbats, which they will gladly consume. Their leggy visage strikes a shiver down the spine of even the most stalwort people, especially when confronted with entire nests of them.


    All the same, the orb weaver is very rarely dangerous to humans with most bites resulting in some mild nausea and swelling, and  they are rather reluctant to bite unless they absolutely have to. They're a strange justaposition of something that looks incredibly dangerous, like your quinessential horror movie arachnid, and yet they're a beautiful and almost entirely harmless aspect on the otherwise often deadly canvas of Australian invertebrates.


    Inspired by their intimidating presence  and yet docile demeanour, this pendant is shaped like our native arachnids with long, spindly legs that look curved to pounce, and yet adorned with a beautiful splash of colour across the abdomen by a piece of hand-crafted dichro glass made to imitate opal. The brass body of the spider has been finished with a web-pattern that has been filed into the surface, catching the light at different angles so that no two glances at this pendant will look the same. To honour the diligent work they put into their webs and the beautifully precarious way in which they hang, this pendant is seated on the longest Sterling Silver chain in my catalogue, at 29cm from clasp to pendant. It is designed to sit lower down the chest than most others, and should sit at roughly sternum-height for most. The spider pendant does not have a jump ring. Instead, it hangs directly from the silvery chain web itself.  All up, the pendant and chain weigh in at just under 8 grams.


    All items on this store are hand made, and due to the nature of this, there may be minor deviations from the item pictured. While all care is taken with my work, minor changes like pattern placement are inevitable, especially between ring sizes. Small changes can also be present between items made in batches, often due to the nature of the materials used.


    Please make sure you check the jewellery care guide to get the most out of your item.

    • Details

      Materials: Brass, Glass/Synthetic Opal stone, Sterling Silver chain

      Colour: Natural brass, natural silver, red, white, yellow, blue

      Chain:  29cm from clasp to pendant.

      Pendant: 4cm

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