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Tuscany Brass Pendant

Tuscany Brass Pendant

The Tuscany is one of a very limited run of pendants, each inspired by a wondrous location around the world. The curling vines of the vineyard, the rolling hills of the countryside and the sweet, sanguine drop of the vino are immortalised in this intricate brass pendant, inspired by the roanticism of Tuscany, Italy.


Starting it's life as a simple brass sheet, everything about this pendant was hand designed, cut, sanded and finished. Rather than the traditional mirror finish, this pendant has been given a fine brushed finish which results in a soft luminosity when it catches the light. Set on a 925 Sterling silver chain, this pendant comes ready-to-wear, and brings a little bit of the magic of Paris with it.


All items on this store are hand made, and due to the nature of this, there may be minor deviations from the item pictured. While all care is taken with my work, minor changes like pattern placement are inevitable, especially between ring sizes. Small changes can also be present between items made in batches, often due to the nature of the materials used.


Please make sure you check the jewellery care guide to get the most out of your item.

  • Details

    Pendant material: Brass

    Chain material: 925 Sterling Silver

    Finish: Brushed brass

    Thickness: 1.3mm

    Pendant height: 4.5cm

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