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An update from the tower heights

Things have been a little quiet on the page lately as I've taken some time out to work on personal matters, my health, and my apprenticeship skills, but I'm still here \

The gorgeous Lover's Tryst band is presently making its way to Europe, and another sterling silver ring will be on the way to the US shortly. If you've considered making one of my beautiful rings your own, or have been thinking about buying one for a loved one now is a good time to put your order in so they're ready before Christmas.

I've also set a resin crystal into a silver pendant, with the 4-leaf clover found by the recipient's partner - what a thoughtful gift! On that note, I've also been working on resin keepsakes and have set a beautiful set of four fox teeth surrounding a paper daisy, all set in a brass cup ring.

My favourite piece, and by far the biggest, is the incredible circlet that was commissioned by a client with a fierce love of video games. Manufactured entirely by hand from brass, the circlet has been set with three onyx stones, and was made to specific dimensions. I worked alongside the client with an existing design as inspiration, and we together came up with something truly unique and authentic. I'd love to hear your feedback!

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