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Lover's Knot
  • Lover's Knot

    The Lover's Knot ring is a charming and playful ring that is formed by joining two individual pieces of brass into one continuous, never-ending loop. While traditionally used to signify eternal love in romantic couples, this ring has recently become quite popular with those in non-monogamous relationships as the design of the ring is similar to the infinity symbol used by the polyamoury community, as well as being used as a promise ring, friendship rings, and scenarios where there is a meeting of two minds or souls.


    The Lover's Knot ring is a very sturdy band made from brass, and is noteably harder wearing than 925 Sterling silver bands of similar widths. It is suitable for everyday wear. On average, the bands sit at 3mm at their narrowest part, and under 8mm at their widest, though measurements may vary due to the scale of the knot based on ring size. Due to the nature of brass (and the chemical makeup of your skin and sweat), some folks may find the metal leaves a green mark on the skin with sweat, or the metal tarnishing after prolonged wear, but the ring will build up a lovely patina with time and can be cleaned gently with soap and water, or jewellery metal polish.


    All items on this store are hand made, and due to the nature of this, there may be minor deviations from the item pictured. While all care is taken with my work, minor changes like pattern placement are inevitable, especially between ring sizes. Small changes can also be present between items made in batches, often due to the nature of the materials used.


    Please make sure you check the jewellery care guide to get the most out of your item.

    • Details

      Material: Brass

      Colour: Natural brass with patina

      Band Width: 3mm

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